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A typical chute will comprise of two or more 3mm thick tube sections per floor connected by welded telescopic joints. Inlet sections hold the DMC refuse hoppers and the chute is supported at points throughout the chute using support frames.

Every chute is specifically designed using the latest CAD technology to meet the building layout and to suit customer requirements.


This hopper is robustly constructed from 3mm mild steel and finished shot blast to min SA2.5, powder prime Akzo Nobel System P660 Thermosetting Epoxy Primer rich in Zinc for protective properties and powder coat polyester RAL7037 ( or to suit customer requirements ) to minimum 50 microns applied and cured according to manufacturers instructions.

Side Hung Refuse Hoppers are also available for use for direct disposal into the refuse chamber from the ground floor. An ideal solution for the disposal of larger refuse such as the 'black' refuse sacks.



To view illustration of a typical Refuse Chute system, click

Three of the most popular types of Refuse Hopper are shown below.


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